5 Ways Heaven Designs’ App “Solar Design Solution” Helps EPC’s Work Smarter!

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As a solar EPC, you’re on the front lines of the incredible transformation to cleanest energy that is bringing your customers to have more control over their energy requirements, bills, and the peace of mind that their energy generation is sourced responsibly.

But, as everyone in this field knows that running a solar EPC business isn’t always easy. You have to be able to roll with a bunch of things that are within and beyond your control, like the levying of certain tariffs and various uncertainties in solar policies and incentives.

But there’s one above all common problem with which solar EPC’s generally struggle that you can control–the efficiency and data of your site assessment and solar design processes. Here at Heaven Designs, we’ve encountered these challenges first-hand from various solar contractors. That’s why we’re passionate about finding effective ways by opting which contractors can work smarter and more efficiently, saving time and money on their overall sales process. In this article, we explore some of the ways “Solar Design Solution” makes that possible.

1. Follow Up With Leads Faster

When you tend to get an inquiry from a potential customer, where do you start when it comes down to determining that if their home or industry is suitable to go for solar and putting together a quote?

If, like many solar EPC, you set up a time slot to visit your client’s site, climb on the roof, and take necessary solar access measurements in order to efficiently compile a proposal, but a slight mistake in the measurement can hamper your deal. If happens, then you may have to again optimize your client’s site and your time-consuming approach could be costing your sales. Heaven Designs’ app Solar Design Solution provides sales professionals with a secured portal login to upload site survey data for the solar structure design & solar electrical design. All you have to do is to log in the app and upload your site survey data and our solar engineering consultants will make sure that you don’t have to make a revisit to your client’s place.

2. Save Time And Money On Monitoring And Managing Solar Projects

In a low-margin industry like solar industry, where every penny counts, adopting accurate and professional solar design company like Heaven Designs is a powerful way to put more money back in your pocket. Our app provides a personalized Project Dashboard to monitor and manage your solar pv design projects on your smartphone anytime from anywhere. Now all you have to do is to manage your solar site as our app is notifying you via technology on each step.

Solar App Dashboard
Solar Design Solution- Dashboard

3. Achieve Superior Accuracy With State-Of-The-Art Technologies

As soon as you upload the site survey data to our app, we assign solar engineering consultants who dugs deep into your data and suggest improvements if any through notifications via the app. In order to begin solar structure design, we update you with the proceedings on your project. Our app offers you multiple options as per your requirement for the solar project design. You can select desired services like solar pre-design, detailed solar design, CEIG drawings, or even solar permit packages.

Engineering & Design
Design Services

4. Build Trust With Customers

Heaven Designs has propounded a new term to help solar business in persuading their client while delivering proposals i.e. ‘Pre-Design’. Solar pre-design serves as a boon for EPCs who are eager to convert leads into business.  It’s a combination of highly critical analysis, solar designs, engineering drawings, video, and reports. In this cut-throat competitive market, it becomes very difficult to convince and satisfy your potential customer. We have created the stated concept that helps your customer in visualizing the solar project before it is started. Above all you can have all this on one app and can even provide access to your client on the respective project.

5. Deliver The Best Design That Meets Customer’s Requirements

A final, powerful reason for choosing our app is that it can improve your solar design through streamlined approach. Which makes it considerably easier to request and compare multiple designs, in order to settle at the one design that best meets the customer’s goals.

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