Top Clean benefits of solar panel installation you must know

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Hey, My name is Jessy from California, US. I am a potential user of the solar panel since 2016  & there I come with my short user experience so that we both can indulge the power of solar energy.

So in the fresh month of January 2016, Me and my husband decide to install a solar panel in our house.

we also feared not getting efficient power generation and not getting any return on our investment.

We installed our project from the best EPC Company with their best design engineers and they proved themselves a game-changer after two years we earned all the money back on our investment after that we invested in more solar for my husband’s company.

So what feels to Live under renewable energy with this many benefits? Let’s thanks, Jessy, for sharing her user experience and we move towards the “ TOP clean Benefits of solar panel installation that you must know”.

1) Acquiring Renewable energy from solar panel

Renewable energy is the most known and most important cause of using Solar panels. the power of producing electricity which won’t harm environment and people never got a scarcity of producing solar electricity.
It will reduce the dependence on other fuels. 

The use of renewable energy can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and lower our impact on the natural environment.

 2) Value for Doing solar panel Investment

Investment in the solar panel is done for futuristic value. Solar panels are a little costly to install but within 2 years you will get a return on investment.

For joining any government project you also can earn from your own solar panel.

solar panel installed in residence

3) Saving Electric Bills

solar panel main benefit of it is it’ll save your electric bills to pay.

moreover Installing the solar power system at your factory or industrial will reduce the concern related to electricity bills. 

net metering will benefit energy to export in a factorial grid where the energy is used.

4) Tax saving

The accelerated depreciation allows the industrial user of solar power to depreciate their investments in a solar power plant at a higher rate compared to their fixed assets.

In return, this allows the user to claim tax benefits on the value depreciated in a given year. The depreciation rate for all renewable energy systems is 40%.

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