How to become the best EPC solar installer? TOP 3 things you must need to know!

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Jan 31, 2022
Nowadays, Solar installers are greatly performing at Building multiple roof-top, ground-mount projects for commercial and residential sites.

they are converting the global mindset towards renewable energy, the use of it helps our planet be more sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Solar installers perform testing and activate the panel once it’s connected and apply a weather sealant to give it extra protection from the elements.

On the other side, some Solar installers who hold a great vision, and access are facing short-term challenges and

the results of it produce many hardships in the future.

Don’t worry we got you covered there are the Top 3 tips to become the best EPC solar installer!
Before jumping into the main part, you need to know your objectives & vision for making the project done has to be clear and valuable.

Tip no.1: Learn customer preferences to become the best solar installer

As a solar installer, you need to know “What are your customer preferences?”

In terms of making big investments, consumer expectations are to produce energy that will become cost-effective & beneficial for them in the future and that’s your duty to deliver them.

Residential panel installers must work in customers’ homes. As a result, workers must maintain professionalism and perform the work promptly. 
As the solar industry grows and technology advances,

you will already be well on your way to becoming an experienced solar installer technician.

Tip no-2: Make the best solar permit plan

Before, starting any project solar installer needs to keep their eyes on building a precise permit design for their consumer.

For example:
Firstly if you don’t consider the direction of the sun monthly, annually your project will fail to capture the amount of energy.

Furthermore, many other casualties can easily affect your solar project, like wind structure, climatic changes, humid demography conditions, etc.

So What can a solar installer do to create the best permit design plan?

There are 4 ways to make your consumer satisfied with your service

1. Make a 3-D model design to reduce risk concerning dimensions.
2 Wind analysis & shadow analysis: To increase the power generation, and reduce the risk of structural damage.
3. Generate an Aurora proposal for better configuration.
4. Make an effective PVsyst generation Report.

For more information about reducing the risk with the help Heaven Permit Design plan

solar installer permit design

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Some things considered into skills acknowledge where solar installers need to improvise their technical skills by training their engineers to become certified for customers’ entrust and giving them a great quality of service.

Tip no-3: Technically improvise

Most solar installer training occurs when you’re on the job and typically lasts about one year. 

This training teaches you how to use proper tools, follow safety procedures correctly, and understand the right techniques to install solar panels on a building. 

From a design point of view, Many solar installers still use the method of doing panel design as a 2-D sketch. 

The quality of service fails there, on that view we can’t provide our consumers a clear picture, and if the 2-D sketch didn’t consider the accurate dimension there’s a high risk of creating uncertainty loss.

Gaining experience and networking with professionals in these areas can improve both your job prospects and your earning potential.

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