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Outfitting your rooftop with an adequate solar PV design for a solar panel is the first step to a lifetime experience of sustainable solar energy. But in order to make the most of your sunshine-source of energy, you’ll need to figure out how to make the solar structure design of your home produce as much energy as possible. Here’s what you need to know about solar design for installing solar panels at your home.

Consider Which Direction Your Roof Faces

Here in India, we get plenty brighter, sunny days a year than any other country in the world. That makes any home a perfect candidate for residential solar power, right? Not necessarily.

If your roof isn’t rightly angled towards the sun. Your Solar PV design won’t be able to capture enough light and energy. To produce the required amount of energy, you need to power up your home efficiently. Generally, the best homes for solar power are those with roofs that face south or west. But with Heaven Designs’ on grid solar system design, we make every home the best one for solar panel installation.

Your Roof Needs to Be in Good Condition

When it comes to harnessing and utilizing the sun’s energy; the age, shape, and material of your roof does matter.

If your roof has seen some wear and tear and needs fixing, or it’s an older roof that you are planning to replace within the next few years. You may better take care for its repairs before installing solar panels. If you still choose to install solar panels now and make the repairs later, you may in the future need to remove the panels for the repair work and then have them reinstalled.

You just need not worry, Heaven Designs’ solar engineering consultants will be able to determine by having a site visit. That if your roof is structurally sound and strong enough to support the weight of Solar PV design, or if it will require additional solar structure design support.

There Are Various Types of Solar Panels Mounting Structure To Choose From

The great thing about outfitting your home with solar panels is that you’re not at all limited to traditional and orthodox roof installation. If your roof doesn’t face the desired or suitable side for structuring. Then ground-mounted panels can be suitably angled to soak up every ray of sunshine on your property. A solar carport specially designed by us can prove to be an effective way to harness the sun’s energy without using up unnecessary land.

Not only it will help you in generating more electricity than you would on your shaded roof, but you’ll save much more money in the long run, too.

Solar Panel Mounting Structure

Heaven Designs is one of the fastest growing solar power plant design, engineering & consultancy in India. We guarantee the best Solar PV design structures at a reasonable pricing. Our team is highly experienced and a professionally managed unit which is engaged in solar structure design and engineering. We are seasoned especially in the domain of creating the right solar design through our impeccable solar solutions.

Solar Panel Mounting Structure
Panel Mounting Structure

Types of Solar Panel Mounting Structure

Rooftop Mounting Structure

Tin Shed Mounting Structure

Ground Mounted Structure

We have given detailed information about all the types of solar panel mounting structure below-

Solar Rooftop Mounting Structure

In a rooftop mounting system, the solar panels are installed on the roof of any given building. It can either be a residential building or any commercial/industrial building. Under the rooftop mounting system, the roof on which the solar design array will be installed can be of two types.

-Standard Rooftop Mounting Structure

-Elevated Mounting Structure

Types of standard rooftop system

In rooftop Solar PV design and installations, there are three effective techniques to mount the solar design for solar panels. All the techniques are appropriately applicable on all types of roofs except the ballasted mounting system on the tin shed.

Railed Mounting System

In railed mounting of solar structure design, solar panels are fixed on several rails with the help of a set of clamps. These rails are made up of high-quality Aluminium. The rails are properly attached with the roof by using drill and nut-bolts. It’s one of the most common types of mounting of the solar panels.

Rail-less/Ballasted Mounting System

Rail less panel mounting system which is also known as ballasted mounting system. It is the technique in which rails are not used to fix the solar panels. Instead of using the rails, the solar panels are fixed with the roof by using hardware. Which are further attached to the roof through nut-bolts strongly. This is a much more cost effective method of solar panel installation.

Shared Rail Mounting System

Shared rail mounting system is moreover like railed system. The basic difference between the two is the quantity of rail which will be used for mounting the solar panel design. In railed mounting, four rails are used to fix two rows of Solar PV design. While in the shared rail system only three rails are used to mount two rows of solar panels and the middle rail is to be shared by both the rows.

Elevated Solar Panel Structure

In an elevated solar panel structure, solar panels are installed at a height of 12 to 15 ft. There will be a little like a room type space behind the mounting structure.


Tin Shed Mounting Structure

In this type of solar structure design, the solar panels are fixed on the shed of your house.

Tin Shed Mounting Structure
Tin Shed Structure

Ground Mounted Solar Structure

In a ground mounting solar system, the solar panels are generally installed on lands. The land used for mounting solar panels can be parks, playgrounds, wasted land, or any other open area.

Ground Mounted Solar Structure
Ground Mounted Solar Structure

Types of Ground Mounted Structure

Foundation Mounting Structure

This is one of the most common type of ground mounting structure. In this system, land is excavated to put the pipes in vertical direction surrounded by a concrete foundation. Geological factors affect this type of mounting process the most. We at Heaven Designs offers site visit to draw out conclusion for a better design which can carry on the mounting structure.

Ballasted Mounting Structure

The next alternative for foundation mounting system is ballasted mounting structure. In ballasted solar mounted structure, pre-casted concrete block anchors are used.

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We at Heaven Designs help solar businesses in installing the solar panels in the best possible way. In order to capture the most out of the sun by delivering specially created Solar PV designs. Our designs are graphed as per the conclusion of site visit by our solar engineering consultants. On whose report we march ahead our designing work. To add more value in the Solar industry, we always give priority to adopt latest technology and upgrading the level and infrastructure in our company. Recently our company has received an award for outstanding performance in solar design engineering field.

Heaven Designs works to help small businesses, emerging entrepreneurs in the solar industry. As well as big corporate companies through impeccable designs, engineering and consultation.

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