7 Things You Need to Know Before Setting Up Solar Plant

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The term solar isn’t so rare anymore. It is used with almost every commodity you can ever think of. From a simple calculator to a keyboard, from a chandelier to a camera strap, from bike to train and what not! All these durable and efficient gadgets are easy to use. But for installing a solar power plant at your place, you must be conscious of certain parameters.

Panel Certification

You need to know which panel will be used for your solar power plant by the Installer company. For the Indian customers, the manufacturing company of the solar panels should be certified with IEC certifications and approved by MNRE.

Panel Performance Warranty

Mostly the panels these days have a warranty period of 25 years, which means a guaranteed electrical production for ten years at 90% and 15 years at 80%. The customer must be aware of the warranty period of his/her solar panel.

The ROI Time for Solar Power Plant

You need to know about ROI. The customer must be well aware of the return on investment time of the solar power plant in use. It is typically 5 to 10 years depends on the power plant size and purpose of plant, i.e. residential, commercial, and industrial, etc.

The Architecture of Your Roof

You must be well aware of the shape and size of the solar panels you would require ensuring a sufficient supply of power to the house, and making sure that it is sufficiently exposed to sunlight. It’s not necessary to have a slanted roof to install solar panels. But the Installer should maintain the perfect angle and direction of the panel according to your location.

Buy or Lease?

This one is quite a critical one. This factor decides savings/ returns, cost, and maintenance. If you lease a solar power system, it would cost a little or no down payment whereas the buying cost is considerable. When you own one, maintenance is your responsibility while if lease it, its the duty of the solar company. The former offers you savings up to 70% while the latter offers up to 30% of the investment.

Your Contract

The legitimate solar contract must include a clear payment schedule, with a total amount and due dates listed already. And if something isn’t in the contract, then it isn’t a part of the deal. Your contract should list your options clearly in case you move or sell your home.

Maintenance and Running Costs

The cleaning of solar panels is quite a concern. A good company solar panel would assure protection against rust, dust, mist, rain, salt, etc. You must ensure that the dealer provides you with a monitoring system for the same to reduce the additional costs.

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