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Making Electricity Bill Zero

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Yes, It’s possible to make electricity bill zero with a solar rooftop power plant.

How do Solar Power Plants make your Electricity Bill Zero?

How does solar power plants make your electricity bill zero?

  • Install a residential solar power system on your roof and generate electricity
  • Consume all the electricity you need and if there is excess, you “export” it back to the Utility (Yes, It’s possible!)
  • You can always use the exported power for your consumption later.
  • It allows you to cut down your electricity bills significantly: if you import 120 units and power plants generate 120 units, then your electricity bill will be zero.
  • If in any month your exported units are higher than your consumption, you get credits in your following month’s electricity bill.

How Much Space Do I Require?

A typical residential consumer can significantly save on their monthly bill by installing a 1 KW system, which means a space of 100 sq. Ft.

What’s the Payback on the System?

  • You get your money back in 3.5 – 4 years for an asset that’s good for 25 years.
  • Think of it as a great way to protect yourself from the increasing energy prices every year.
  • Solar requires minimal maintenance, so there will be no recurring cost to you every year.

Next Steps?

  • Let’s work together to solar power your home. Get in touch with us, and we will provide you with free guidance.
  • If you want, we would be happy to show you an existing installation.
  • Leave a reply below in the comment box.

The government is providing a lot of subsidies on the solar rooftop power plant. Solar panels are becoming cheaper every day. We at Heaven Solar are providing all the services related to solar power plant installation and subsidies and after sell services. The solar power plant will produce 100% green and clean, pollution-free energy. The life of a solar power plant is more than 25 years. ROI time is only four years. So solar power plant is the biggest assets that you can have.

Green India, Clean India, Secure India. Go Solar and Go Green.

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