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The Importance Of Site Survey Data In Solar Project? Difficulties Faced By Solar EPC’s & How Heaven Designs Can Help.

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Do you also face problem in finding the right solar design for your solar projects?
Have you ever wondered, what is the key factor that makes a solar plant installation successful?

One of the major key areas that Solar EPC and contractors take for granted is the Site survey data. This is the initial and most important process for a successful Solar Installation. It provides crucial information to solar system designers for the creation of appropriate solar system design.

There are various hindrances faced by solar contractors during a site survey data which are as follows-

  • Lack of technology making the collection of site data time taking.
  • Accuracy- lack of accuracy delays the project even further and makes the designing process more complex.
  • The safety factor is often kept at bay by most solar contractors that ultimately increase the cost of the project.

3 Most Important Factors That Must Be Considered During Site Survey:

Feasibility – Is the Solar system implementation feasible?

Viability – Does the particular Solar installation provide financial benefits in the long run?

User requirements – Are user requirements properly understood?

How To Do A Solar Site Survey?

Things carried out during a Site Survey are:

-Roof Orientation and Shading Analysis- Helps in identifying the most suitable area for Solar Panel installation.
-Roofing Details – Study the roofing details to get the right solar PV system installed.
-Load Analysis – Provides help in understanding the overall energy needs of the site.
-Solar PV System Usability Check – To assess the handiness of the solar panels by the user.
-Financial Analysis – To effectively understand the financial viability of the project.

Drone Survey
Solar Survey With Drone

Let’s Take A Detailed Look At Some Of The Activities.

Solar PV Orientation (Azimuth)

Solar Azimuth
Solar PV Orientation

This is the important activity for making an effective solar pv design. The direction of the installed solar panels and the sun path has a direct impact and relation on the light incidence. So while designing the solar system, we at Heaven Designs consider the sun position throughout the year and while making the 3D model, we consider the height of the solar power plant as well as the azimuth of the project.

Shading Analysis For Solar Panels

To get the most optimum output from the Solar System, the solar panels need to be totally shade free. Shading Analysis is done to ensure that solar panel generates maximum solar energy.

Different ways to do Shading Analysis:

-Solar shading tools.
-Physically study the movement of sunlight.
-Analyse the neighbourhoodand shadow casting objects around to ensure there are no obstructions that creates shade.

Heaven Design provides complete shadow analysis report that ensures-
1. 100% Shadow Free Area
2. Find The Height Front Clearance
3. Submit Report To PGVCL
4. Get Maximum Generation

Roof Structure Analysis

Analysis Of Roof Structure For solar Installation
Roof Structure Analysis With Drone Survey

Following are the essential rooftop details required for a successful solar systeminstallation:

-Coordinates of solar site (Latitude & Longitude)
-Building ownership details (Owned / Leased / Rental)
-Details of the structure of lease (if leased) (Lease tenure & number of parties, etc.)
– Roof Height / Number of Floors    
-Roof type (Flat/ Inclined)
-Shadow free Area Available for Solar Installation.
-Maximum Load Capacity of the Roof.

The solar structure design is an essential part of the solar power plant design. We at Heaven Designs design structure that can sustain in heavy wind streams of approximately (150 KMPH).

Load Analysis

Understand your client’s current electricity usageas well as the prospective power usage with Load Analysis. It provides immensely valuable information for choosing the right kind of Solar system to deploy. It is done by collecting the overall load information of the major energy using components.

At the last, the overall concept of collecting the right survey data can be hectic, time taking as well as can turn out to be costly. In order to remove all these three major hindrances; Heaven Designs is coming up with a great technological advancement in the site data collection scenario. The upcoming concept is going to curb all your site data collection cost and will replace it with efficiency, safety and accuracy.

Stay Tuned To Witness The Change!

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