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What is On- Grid Solar PV System Design: How to design on grid solar system? Types Of On Grid Solar Systems?

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As we have begun to save electricity by utilizing inexhaustible resources. It’s an ideal opportunity to acquire from electricity produced by these resources. These days solar net metering idea is becoming quickly adaptive all over the world. In this we use On Grid Solar System to produce electricity utilizing solar. It is an incredible chance to put into environmentally friendly power for our manageable future and diminish our electricity bill. For getting an effective on-grid solar system, one needs to get the best on grid solar system design which will help in executing your solar project more effectively and efficiently.

How to design on grid solar system?

While installing on-grid solar system, one should take into consideration few technical and non-technical design aspects which also includes certain on grid solar system design calculation. These considerations and calculations will be different for each of the component and they are dependent on other components. For while, foremost and major on grid solar pv system design considerations when it comes to the selection of site would be the appropriate solar radiation data assessment, and various other important factors like shading, snow, wind, seasonal influences. When it comes to the PV module or mounting, this would be the optimal tilt angle, which is the azimuth angle. Arranging the on grid solar power system designPV array as per the technical specification of the inverter input side one of the major on grid solar system design consideration. Identifying the suitable DC and AC cables as well as their rating as per solar on grid system designparameters. Junction box sizing also plays vital role. Efficiency of each and every component must be taken intoconsiderationin order todesign on grid solar system. Make sure that, there should not be any stability and reliability issues during the operation of system and to figure out with calculations you can download Heavens Designs’ on grid solar system design pdf.

Types Of Grid Solar Systems

1. On-Grid Solar System

On-grid solar systems are by far the most commonly used and widely accepted by homes and businesses. These types of systems do not need batteries and use generally either solar inverters or micro-inverters and are directly connected to the public electricity grid. Any excess solar power that the on grid solar system generates is exported to the electricity grid and one usually gets paid a feed-in-tariff or some credits for the energy you generated. An effective on grid solar power system design can help in executing the project as per the site space, shading analysis and various other factors.

2. Off-Grid Solar System

An off-grid system is a solar system connected to the electricity grid, is in itself independent and therefore requires battery storage. Off-grid solar systems design calculation must be done appropriately so that they can  generate enough power throughout the year and have sufficient battery capacity to meet the requirements, even in the months of winter when there is generally much less sunlight than summers.

3. Hybrid Solar System

Modern hybrid systems combines both solar and battery storage in one and are available in many different types and configurations. Due to the consistent decreasing cost of battery storage, systems that are already connected to the nearby electricity grid can start leveraging the advantage of battery storage as well. This means being able to store a certain amount of solar energy that is generated during the day and easily using it at night. When the stored energy is reduced, the grid is there as a backup point, allowing consumers to enjoy the best of both worlds. Hybrid systems are also able to effectively charge the batteries using cheap off-peak electricity. The designing of hybrid solar system is not same as the on grid solar power system design.

Working of On-Grid Solar PV System:

When the solar energy generation begins, the delivered energy is first ingested by the loads. When the heap necessity is fulfilled, the excess energy will be sent out to the network. Matrix without help from anyone else goes about as a virtual battery taking on the whole of the overabundance energy that has been sent out. This is known as banking of energy.

During the evening, when there is no solar, the loads can import the banked energy. Essentially, when there is less age from solar because of overcast conditions, the necessary energy is imported from the network. Toward the finish of each charging cycle, the fare and import charging will be determined and this net will be determined with the assistance of a Bi-directional meter. Thus, in order to get assistance on how to design on grid system, get in touch with Heaven Designs. Get the  on grid solar system designpdf and start with your execution.

Calculations for On Grid Solar System Design

Power and Energy

An audit of electrical wording is valuable while examining on grid solar power system design. There are two sorts of electrical flow. In private electrical systems, Alternating Current (AC) is utilized. The current switches direction moving from 0 volts to 120 volts in one direction, and quickly, turning around the direction. Ordinary private voltages are 120 and 240.

Energy Use

To decide complete energy use of an inhabitant or building, the proprietor will allude to their nearby service bill. This worth will differ contingent upon the size of home or building, number of tenants, number of apparatuses, lights, and electrical warming and cooling systems. Monthly energy use esteems will differ with geographic location, season, and energy use propensities for the tenants. Spring and mid-year months with higher temperatures bring about regular utilization of cooling systems bringing about higher energy consumption. On the off chance that power is the sole power source and is given by a nearby utility, a grid-connected system can be designed to counterbalance all (100%) or an incomplete measure of the electrical requirements. The size of the system will shift and is influenced by numerous factors: location, space, and cost. The determination of energy usage determines how to design on grid solar system.

Other Factors

Determination of power consumption demands
Calculation of total Watt-hours per day for each appliance used
Calculation total Watt-hours per day needed from the PV modules
Size the PV modules
Calculation of the total Watt-peak rating needed for PV modules
Calculation of the number of PV panels for the system
Inverter sizing


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