Why Solar?

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The investment you make pays you back in just four years in terms of saving in monthly bills. So just start savings from day one and get free electricity for more than years of plant life.

Government Subsidy

The central Government (MNRE 30%) and State governments (like GEDA up to 20,000) across provide subsidies on solar rooftops. You can save a big chunk of your investment while opting to go solar.


Solar is easy to install and very low maintenance. The power from the panel has a warranty for 25 years and expected to continue generating for many years beyond its guaranteed life.


When electricity providers hike up their prices, the sun keeps shining for free. You can generate your free power and stop worrying about soaring bills.


Unlike fossil fuels that create harmful air pollution and global warming, electricity generated from the sun is clean. So a typical home with a 5 kW solar could avoid 140 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year while an acre of solar could save an amazing of 10000 tonnes.

An Investment To Be Proud Of

The Indian Government has Committed to generating 100 GW of energy from the sun by 2022. But by 2017, it has only reached 19% of its target. By Choosing Solar, you make an investment you can be proud of and show you’re committed to clean, renewable energy.