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Can Open Source Solar Designing Software Help You In Escalating Your Solar Business?

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When it comes to the hunt for special solar pv design software, EPCs usually start their research from the easily available open-source and free solar design software. In many cases, free software is way too simple and has too many bugs to be used by professional EPC Company. On the other hand, the paid commercial software in most cases is very much expensive and too complicated for beginners. In order to understand the concept further let us take you to the shortcomings of free and paid solar designing software and how Heaven Designs can compensate them for you and your solar business.

Free Software Comes With Limited Scope

An open-source for solar designing can provide assistance from the rooftop, on-grid solar system designing to MW project designs. But the question that arises is, can you rely on single software for your project’s solar designing, solar structure designing, and engineering? Solar system designing is a very complex task to carry on and paid software comes with some boundaries, that to a certain extent it won’t be able to help you further. Therefore, in order to not getting stacked up with your solar design requirements,  solar EPCs must get in touch with solar engineering consultants and designers like Heaven Designs who will help them on each step of designing and engineering as well as will back them up with fruitful consultancy solution.

Detailed Solar System Design

Our Detailed Solar System Design Includes-
-Single Line Diagram
-ACDB/ DCDB / Solar LT Panel Design
-General Arrangement Layout
-DC / AC Cable Layout
-Earthing/ Lightning Arrester Layout
-AC Cable Sizing And Loss Calculations
-PV Layout
-CEI Approval Drawings Set

A Dedicated Specialist Or Paid Software? Your Choice!

Solar designing software generally provides you the design as per the site survey data uploaded by you for your solar project. Most of the software still does not have the feature of identifying a loophole in the site survey data; this is where dedicated personnel and specialist is required for analyzing the data uploaded by you for your solar project. We at Heaven Designs have a team of experienced solar engineering consultants, who first analyze the site survey data on every engineering parameter before forwarding it to the solar designing team.

Our Detailed Engineering Provides-

– Clear & Accurate Solar Drawings Which Help In The Proper Execution Of The Project
-Optimized Project Cost And Maximum Power Generation
-Detailed Planning Help To Execute The Project Quickly.
-Accurate BOM (Bill Of Material)
-Get Approval From DISCOM In One Go.
-Easy O&M And Fault-Finding With Proper Drawings

Identical Designing For All Projects Won’t Help You Grow

Every solar project requires different designing, engineering, and outlook; this is where most solar designing and engineering software starts lacking. Software only considers the requirements which are pre-installed in it and provides output as per its functionality. We at Heaven Designs provide you easy steps to get a solar design with our portal log-in.

Follow These Simple Steps-

Upload Site Survey Data– Log in to Dashboard and upload site survey data on our website; you can also use our app to upload the data.

Get Suitable Design Solution– We will allocate you an experienced solar design engineer & will design your solar project as per your need.

Monitor Project Progress-You can easily monitor your project progress in the design dashboard. You can contact our solar engineering consultants for updates.

Download Designs-You can easily download & view any of your Solar design & Solar Plant Layouts / Drawings anytime, for free.


As we all know that running a solar business requires immense knowledge of both on-field and off-field market associated with solar projects. Going for free or paid software can be budget-friendly, but will not yield great results for solar projects that demand immense professionalism. Therefore, shaking hands with the best Designing, Engineering, and Solar Consultancy Company for all your solar projects will not only give you good output but will also help in escalating your solar business by shouldering your project’s major responsibilities.

Register On Our Online Design Portal:

To grow your solar business effectively, we have developed online software, where you can create, monitor & track your design project any time.

Follow These Simple Steps-

-Site visit form included and mobile-friendly portal
-Track each project design on the dashboard
-You can also Add your team and provide them the user ID and password
-Upload site visit data or project name
-Download complete design in one go- https://app.heavendesigns.in

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