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Megawatt Solar Power Plant – Models & Solutions

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One of the most active divisions at Heaven Designs, the Megawatt Power Plant Solutions division is specialized in executing and setting up solar power plants & solar system design for all sizes and capacities. We have designed & commissioned various types of solar pv design for power plants both in KW & MW scale.

We conceive & implement solar power plants’ details from the initial project report, site visit, solar designing, and engineering to consultation, by using the best available components executed by highly qualified professionals and cutting edge technical solutions. In the last few years, Heaven Designs has grown by leaps & bounds and executed a cumulative amount of projects in India with revolutionary and pioneer technologies to effectively amplify and extract highest energy yields from power plants.

Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Plant
Solar Power Plant

Today, anyone can conveniently set-up a solar power plant with a capacity ranging from 1KW to 1MW on your land as ground mounted or rooftop spaces. If the requirement exceeds, then Heaven Designs’ solar engineering consultants are here to help you in executing the big megawatt projects through impeccable solar designs. The Govt. of India (MNRE) Ministry of New and Renewable Energy latest guidelines states that “Now anyone can easily generate electricity through solar power system and surplus electricity can be exported through net-metering system.”The establishment of net-metering at the site will interface it to framework by means of state power board or dispersion organizations. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and state nodal offices are additionally giving 30%-70% subsidy on solar panel for private, institutional and non-benefit associations.

Solar Plant Investment Model

There are two ways or models to get solar power system installed at your home, business, institute or large industry.


-CAPEX Model (One Time Investment)

In CAPEX model (capital expenditure will be yours) one will have to pay the complete solar system’s cost from solar system design, engineering to installation in one shot and this would be your own system. The benefit you can enjoy is free electricity for next 25 plus years. On the off chance that you are intending to introduce solar system for home or independent company and your installation size is less than 100 kW, at that point the most ideal approach to get it introduced is CAPEX model.

OPEX Model

-OPEX Or PPA Model

In OPEX model (operation expenditure will be yours) framework and solar system installation organization will introduce the total framework at their own expense through a long term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between you and establishment organization. After that you simply need to pay per unit on month to month premise. The PPA rates (Rs.3 to Rs.7) depends upon your establishment size, PPA time span and your organization’s ratings of credit. On the off chance that your establishment size is above 100kW, you can go for OPEX model.

Get MW Scale Solar Design & Consultancy

Heaven Designs is a leading solar design company for Solar Power Plant Design and Detailed Engineering work. We have designed more than 152 MW solar projects across the world. We have more than 365 solar EPC clients. So in order to kick start your solar MW projects, get in touch with Heaven Designs! We provide unmatched solar pv designing, engineering and consultancy services for all your solar projects.


1-3D Model

2-3D Walk Through Video Design

3-Advance Shadow Analysis

4-PVsyst Power Generation Report

5-3D Structure Design

6-Approx. Steel Weight

7-Single Line Diagram

8-Earthing / La Layout

9.-Equipment Layout

10-AC / DC Cable Sizing

11-ACDB / DCDB Design

12-DC / AC Voltage Drop Calculation

13-Cable Layout Using Optimized Methods

14-String Layout

15-Cable Trench Layout

16-Fencing Layout

17-Robust Structure Design

18-Wind Analysis And STAAD Pro Report

19-Fabrication Drawings

20-Ts Marking & Equipment Layout

21-Foundation Design For Ground Mount

22-Complete Civil & Electrical BOM

23-Video Call Consultancy Support

Support You Get From Team Heaven Designs

– Help for Proper Execution

– Reduction Installation time

– Get Maximum Energy Generation

– Helps to Optimize Project Cost (approx. 1 Rs. /watt)

– Assists to Find Faults

– Makes Smooth Execution Of Projects

– Aids to get easy Approval from DISCOM

– Use Minimum Space

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