Why Detailed Engineering Is Important For Ground Mount Solar Projects?

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Ground Mount solar projects require out of the box design and engineering for efficient energy generation. An inefficient design can cause a massive difference in the energy generation, so do the engineering. Therefore a perfect amalgamation of the great solar design and engineering is what a perfect ground mount solar system requires. The question arises; How to do so? Don’t worry! Heaven Designs is here to help you by balancing the 4 parameters for ground mount solar projects.

Let’s Analyse The 4 Parameters In Detail

Minimum Project Cost

Heavens Designs helps solar contractors and businesses in reducing their project cost through unmatched solar system design and engineering.

1- Design Of Pile & Foundation As Per The Soil
In order to find out the most suitable piling structure for solar structure design. We at Heaven Designs in our solar survey program take up the ground or soil conditions into consideration for efficient piling and structure design. The four generally used foundations are: helical piles, earth-screws, ballasted and driven piles.

  • Helical piles- Helical piles are best suited for the areas where soil cohesion is poor.
Helical Piles
  • Earth Screws- Earth screws are suitable for rocky landscapes.
Earth Screws
Earth Screws
  • Ballasted Foundations- Used on volatile sites, like landfills where the soil cannot be penetrated due to potential contamination.
Ballasted Foundations
Ballasted Foundations
  • Driven Piles- Best suited to areas which have clay, gravel, and dense sand and low water tables.
Driven Piles
Driven Piles

What We Do?

India has a very vast landmass that varies with altitudes, water tables, soil that can be sandy, soft, rocky or clay-laden. Solar installers have to navigate various soil requirements before working on ground-mount projects. We as per the soil type helps in choosing the most suitable pile and foundation which helps in holding the solar structure that helps in eliminating the chances of  any misshapen which ultimately reduces the cost of the project.

2- Optimized Structure Weight
The structure design of the ground mounted solar projects is the most important ingredient of the project. The structures are designed as per the wind speed and soil conditions of the area. Our solar engineering consultants create a well-designed structure which can sustain in high wind streams of upto 150 KMPH. There is no doubt in saying that a well-designed structure can help in significantly optimizing the cost of the solar project.

3- Optimized Cable Selections
Although cables constitute a very small share in the total cost of the project, they perform crucial functions that ensure high efficiency and system longevity. Due to cable installation usually being outdoors, they have to be sturdy and weather resistant. In addition, they also have to withstand mechanical stress from pressure, stretching during installations as well as chemical stress in the form of rain and other solutions. Therefore, an optimized selection of the cables can save up a good sum in the long run. Furthermore, for better protection against the short circuits, our solar engineering consultants design the cable layout with proper Circuit Breakers or Fuses that provides protection against over-current and short-circuits.

Maximum Energy Generation

1-Selection Of Panel & Inverter Technology
When you evaluate solar panels you will encounter two main categories: monocrystalline solar panels (mono) and polycrystalline solar panels (poly). Monocrystalline solar panels are generally considered of as a premium solar product. The main advantages of mono panels are higher efficiencies and sleeker aesthetics.Polysolar panels normally have lower efficiencies than the mono panels, but their advantage is low price. In addition, polycrystalline solar panels tend to have a blue hue instead of the black like mono panels.

2- Selection Of Fixed Or Seasonal Tilt Of Structure
Based on the design of the solar project, and the cost constraints involved, different mounting structures may be used while carrying Ground-Mounted solar installations.
Major two types are described below:

a-Fixed Tilt Structures- With Fixed Tilt Structures, the modules are raised on structures. These are held firmly to the ground with strong foundation. The Fixed structures are designed at a perennial optimum tilt, as once the structures and modules are installed, the tilt of the modules cannot be changed.

Fixed Tilt Solar Structures
Fixed Tilt Solar Structure

b-Seasonal Tilt Structures- The tilt of the modules in this can be varied from season to season, with changes in sun path across the sky. The tilt of the modules is assorted with the season changes of summer and winter.

Seasonal Tilt Structures
Seasonal Tilt Structure

Maximum Stability Of Structure

The team of great solar designers and solar engineering consultants can provide detailed structure design and strength report that solidifies the stability of the solar structure. The structure design is the most important part of any solar design. A proper wind stream forecasting can help in designing a strong structure that can sustain in heavy wind streams (150 KMPH). Besides achieving maximum stability, strength and cost effectiveness a well-designed solar structure can outcast several other geographical and seasonal occurrences.

Minimum Use Of Space

Heaven Design has been pioneer in making the most optimum utilization of the available space for maximum energy generation with proper shadow analysis and sparing enough space for proper operation and maintenance.

  1. Proper Shadow Analysis- To make site 100% shadow-free, Heaven Designs perform shadow analysis on 21st December and 21st June for a given location. If the site is shadow-free on these days, then the solar panels will be shadow free for the entire year. We also provide a complete shadow analysis report with the energy generation details for the longest and shortest day of the year.
  2. Enough Space For O&M- Heaven Designs utilizes space from the site at the most optimum level that helps clients and solar EPC in delivering proper O&M services. Proper utilization of available space is what we do for your solar project without compromising with energy generation.

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