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How Can Virtual Solar Tour Help EPC’s In Growing Their Business?

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The time of traditional documentation and solar design presentation is now considered orthodox and ineffective. Making a physical presentation can be tiresome for you as well as for your client. Making a physical copy of the solar pv design, solar structure design and engineering layouts and demonstrating effectively to the client is not very much helpful in cracking a deal. Therefore, we at Heaven Design have come up with the concept of “Virtual Tour” that helps your customer in understanding thorough details of their solar project via a 3D virtual tour and walk through video.

What we provide in a virtual tour and how can it help you in satisfying your customer-

360 Bird Eye View- Our solar engineering consultants analyse your project’s site survey data and create a complete 360° Bird Eye View which takes your customer to 3D tour and provides view of all the sides including the top position of the solar system design. Whether a rooftop, ground mounted or on grid solar system design, we provide complete presentation in the video form to you for making a great presentation to your client.
– Provides a virtual visit to your client.
– Provides detailed information in short time.
– Cost and time saving approach.
– Creates a professional image in client’s mind.

Detailed Structural View- Presenting the right solar structure design to your client is as hard as creating one. Our Virtual Tour concept provides a complete 3D view of the solar structure on which the solar panels will be later installed. The solar structures are designed by considering and analysing the shadow casting objects to make your solar panels shadow free. We also provide structure design and engineering reports as the structure design is the most important part of the solar system design. We design structures that can sustain in heavy wind streams (150 KMPH) easily. Our solar structure design can help in optimizing your project cost as well as provides maximum strength.

-Get STAAD Pro report for structure strength and wind analysis
-Get customized design for industries and commercial complex
-Ground mounted structure design as per contour mapping & soil test report
-Detailed Fabrication drawings

Detailed Engineering Sample

3D Shadow Analysis Report

Solar power plants should be in a 100% shadow-free region to get ideal age. So while planning the solar power plant, we at Heaven Designs consider the sun position consistently and our site area azimuth. To make site 100% shadow-free, we do shadow investigation on 21st December and 21st June for a given area. On the off chance that the site is shadow-free on those days, at that point shadow won’t be cast on boards in a whole year on the grounds that these days are the briefest and longest days individually. While making the 3D model, we at Heaven Designs likewise consider the stature of the solar power plant and azimuth of the venture too. All these detailed information is provided in 3D video format to make your client easily understand the role of shadow and the importance of making the solar design completely shadow-free.

Providing a 3D presentation of solar design backed up with advanced Shadow Analysis Report, and an advanced engineering support prior to the physical commencement of the project will help your targeted customers to have an initial visualization of their soon-to-be-installed solar power plants and a better understanding of its layout details. For better customer approach, it becomes important to have a Unique Selling Proposition to convert your uncertain leads to successful clients and build seller-buyer trust.

Heaven Designs’ Virtual Tour Concept Can Serve As A Boon For Your Solar Business

-Our designing is focused on how your home/ industry will look like after installing solar power plant.
-Our 3D design can give exact capacity of the site for solar rooftop power plant.
-We calculate the exact number of solar panels, mounting structure design, length of DC/AC cables-and even place of inverter, AC-DC box, and lightning arresters.
-It becomes very simple to understand how the plant will look like and its size for the non-technical customers.
-This helps in adding values to customers’ life.

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