How Heaven Designs’ Drone Survey Service Can Escalate Your Solar Business?

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The solar industry is one of the most competitive and fastest growing industries. Total installed Indian PV capacity is expected to double itself in the next five years. Solar companies at the hour need to stay on their toes and keep an eye out for efficient technology advancement that will help them win and attract new customers to survive in the industry. Due to the need to enhance efficiency, Heaven Designs has come up with an innovation in the solar survey industry, “Drone Survey”, which helps in gathering the information they need to build solar design plans, create part lists, and get installs quickly finished. Let us know how exactly does a drone-based site survey work?

Solar Site Surveys Without Drone Technology

Manual Solar Site Survey
Manual Solar Survey

Before drone technology, solar EPC and contractors could easily spend hours at a home performing a manual site survey. This process could involve multiple employees with tools and other essential equipment. After spending hours walking on a rooftop and sketching out measurements for solar pv design, the information has still to be moved into a CAD program to finalize solar design plans. It’s a time-consuming process that may take even some extra time if a surveyor fails to get accurate measurements or misses any detail. Problems like these might result in re-surveying the solar site and recreating blueprints, which prevents solar EPC, contractors & companies from focusing on new sales and installs.

Drone Solar Site Surveys

Drone Solar Site Survey
Drone Survey

With Heaven Design’s drone technology, solar pros can arrive on survey area and do the entire survey in as little as 30 minutes (which may vary as per company, size of roof, etc.). During the survey, remotely controlled drone collectsplethora of information in the ultra-high-resolution images which can be used to derive accurate measurements, auto generatesurvey data, and so forth.
After the drone solar site survey, all the data captured by drone is available for surveyors or designers to review. This includes images, 3D models, and accurate measurements. A drone also automatically detects certain damages and highlights all roof penetrations.
From there, users can easily export a 3D model as a .DXF file format then import it directly into CAD, which can save up to 50 % of the time it takes to create and finalize CAD designs.

Other Benefits of Solar Site Surveys

Reduce field time and survey costs- A drone captures topographic data which is up to five times faster than land-based or traditional methods as well as requires less manpower which ultimately lowers the altogether cost of solar site survey.

Customer Satisfaction – Drone survey provides you the opportunity of staying on top of your survey appointments. It will never let you fall behind; you’llbe getting ahead and arriving early, which always gives a good impression to a customer.

Provide accurate and exhaustive data- Total stations and traditional surveying can only measure individual points. A singleflight of drone produces thousands of accurate site measurements, which can be converted and represented in different formats. Each pixel of the produced map by the drone or any point of the 3D model contains 3D geo-data.

Maps inaccessible areas

An aerial mapping drone can fly and capture data from almost anywhere. Your surveys will no longer be limited by areaswhich are unreachable in traditional surveying like-remote areas, unsafe steep slopes or harsh landscapewhich are generally unsuitable for traditional measuring. None of the on-going operations at the survey site needs to be stopped; you can easily take the survey from overhead.

Helps In Winning More Business

Drones can help solar EPC and businesses to build their brand in multiple ways:
-The new innovation covers the survey in no time.
-Drone flying over the site and home of customers excite them and grabs other’s attention.
-Creates a professional image in the mind of investors and customers.
-Eases out the off grid or on grid solar system design process and much more.


In the solar industry, EPC and solar contractors need to use every technological advantage they can. The solar industry changes rapidly and emerging technologies makes it highly competitive. Using drones for solar site surveys offers numerous benefits as well as streamlines the whole solar design process. Drone solar surveyis the answer when solar companies want to save time and money to better serve their customers.

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Launch On 20th January, 2021.

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