How to Convert Leads into Business using Solar Pre-design Service of Heaven Solar?

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Solar pre-design services are in demand. As the solar industry (EPC Company) is growing rapidly and also the number of solar EPC companies is increasing daily. In other words, sometimes newer companies or inexperienced solar companies quote an unviable price to the customer for industrial or commercial solar rooftop projects. Therefore, to convince the customer to choose better quality over the low price, you need to build initial trust with the customer. Therefore, you need solar pre-design to showcase your project more efficiently.

In such a throat-cutting competition, if you want to deliver a good quality project with a good margin, you (solar EPC) have to provide some USP to the customer while giving the quotation. Similarly, you need to prove why customers should choose you as a solar installer company.

To create a WIN-WIN situation for solar EPC company (close the deal at a fair price) and customer ( get the best quality solar power plant), we invented solar Pre-design concept. This service can increase your lead conversation ratio.

What is Solar Pre-design?

Solar pre-design is a combination of critical analysis, drawings, video, and reports. Above all, these things are necessary to workout before you provide a proposal to the customer. 

What are the Benefits?

  • Impressive video (3D walkthrough video – link) presentation helps customers to visualize the entire project.  
  • Find the exact 100% shadow-free site capacity with advance shadow analysis.
  • Forecast accurate energy generation to calculate the exact ROI with the Pvsyst software report.
  • Find how much steel will require to execute the project. 
    • Helps to quote the best price as you already know the weight of steel
    • Helps to find per sq ft weight on the tin shed / RCC roof.
  • Find how much AC cable thickness will require in solar projects.
    • AC cable occupies a significant share of the project cost in bigger projects.

How to Use Heaven’s Pre-design?

  • After one or two meetings with customers, if you observe, the client is serious and seems quality conscious then go with Heaven’s pre-design in the next meeting.
  • Give a presentation in your Laptop, show the report and 3D photos prints.
  •  Show all the technical parameters of the project and explain the importance of it for quick ROI.

When Should you Provide Solar Pre-design?

  • This concept is tested by more than 100 solar EPC companies in the world. They are easily closing the deals at a higher price than the competitors.
  • This service adds real values in customer life, which helps to impress the customer and helps to build the initial trust.
  • Customers will realize that for quick ROI, a perfect technical solution is more important than a cheap price.

Which Drawings/Reports are Included in it?

  1. Complete 3D- walkthrough video 
  2. advance shadow analysis
  3. Pvsyst power generation report
  4. Structure design and steel weight

Where else you can Use Solar Pre-design?

We provide all the design with your company logo. You can use pre-design as your marketing tool.

What is the Price of Pre-design? Who will Pay?

  • Pre-design price is very nominal (<0.1% of the project cost) 
  • Solar EPC company can take this small risk. Or EPC can ask to end customer to pay for it.