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Solar Design: 5 Reasons to Provide 3D Walk-through Video to Customers

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solar design & walk-through with shadow analysis
Solar 3D design of 20 KW

1. Find the Exact Capacity of the Site

Customers (Industry owner) always want to install maximum solar power plant in minimum space. Many times solar site visitors measure the site and try to find capacity by a simple formula, e.g., 100 sq ft per KW.

2. Get 100% Shadow-free Area

Because of many objects on the roof, e.g., air ventilator and water tank, mobile tower cast a shadow on the roof. So finding capacity directly with formula will give your wrong answer.

We make the same 3D model of the complete site in our software to find the exact capacity. We do shadow analysis of each object on the shortest day (21 st December) and the longest day (21st June). So we first find the 100% shadow-free area for our solar project.

On each location on the earth, the shadow pattern varies on each day. Solar design can help us to find the exact required distance between two raw solar panels.

distance between two raw of solar panels.
20 KW solar rooftop project

3. Increase Site Capacity with Optimized Solar Design

We can increase the site capacity by raising the height of a solar power plant with additional structural support. With real-time shadow analysis, we utilize maximum space on the roof, which helps to increase the site capacity.

With help solar 3D design, we achieved 1 KW solar system in 39 sq feet with a 330-watt solar panel.

solar panel installation on shed east west slope
East-west slope shed

4. Build Trust with Your Customer and Close the Deal

Never try to sell your product to customers, Educate them and take them on a tour. You will end up with getting Purchase order at good price.

-John H. Rouser

When a customer is investing millions of money for his industrial solar power plant, he will have many quotations on his desk. So to make your proposal impactful, we divert his focus from cheaper cost to Quality of power plant.

3D walk-through video will make a presentation more attractive and will help to build initial trust with the customer. Video also helps to monitor the real-time shadow of the site with the clock provided.

We focus on small details in the video:

  1. Position of lightning arrestor and other equipment.
  2. Range cover by LA.
  3. Space required for solar power plant.
  4. Accessible cleaning space photos.
  5. Structure weight per Sq. Ft.

5. Advance power generation report:

Each roof comes with its tilt angle, azimuth. We can’t put all the panel with true azimuth angle and required (as per latitude) always.

Pvsyst power generation will help to find the expected production with a proposed tilt and azimuth angle.

Structure design:

Along with the 3D design, we also provide a total weight of the structure. It will help you to quote the best price to the client and also we can find the sq feet weight of the structure, which will be useful to you to check the feasibility of the project before installation.

Shed type structure design

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